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Handcrafted with Real Ingredients
Baltimore's First Gourmet Snow On the Go.

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About Us

Fresh Bites Gourmet Snow Domes

We are Baltimore's first gourmet snow domes. You may call them snow cones or snowballs, but we call 'em Snow Domes. Our specialty, putting a unique twist on a favorite Baltimore tradition. We handcraft inventive gourmet syrups with a fun, sophisticated flair using quality ingredients. Served over shaved ice in colorful, eco-friendly 9-ounce paper cups.

Mmmm, delish!

Our Recommendations!

Fresh Bites Snow Domes Raspberry Lavendar

Raspberry Lavender

A house favorite! Keeps them coming back, for sure!

Fresh Bites Snow Domes Lemon Baisl

Lemon Basil

Perfect and refreshing on a summer day.

Fresh Bites Snow Domes Choco-licious


For the chocoholic. Oh, come on... need we say more?

Mission Possible:

To have fun, make people smile and hear them say…"Yum."

Here's a peek at some of our unique syrups. Keep in mind they're likely to change from week to week...
to keep you guessing.

Whichever Flavor You Choose...

All of our yummy snow dome syrups are handcrafted fresh with quality ingredients! Real-ly!

Where can you find us Tuesdays?


Kenilworth Farmers Market 800 Kenilworth Drive, Towson, MD 21204 Every Tues, May - mid-Oct. 3:30 - 6:30 pm

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Why are Fresh Bites Snow Domes So Good?

Fresh Bites Snow Domes
  • Fresh Bites Snow Domes
  • Pine Ginger Mixture
  • Yumminess Awaits
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  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry Hibiscus

It all started with ...

My nostalgic roots as a Baltimore native. As a kid, snowballs were a much anticipated summertime treat. I have fond memories of walking barefoot with friends to Mrs. Jackson's, the neighborhood lady who served up colorful, refreshing snowballs from her basement window. I'd watch mesmerized as she scooped ice cubes into a tall industrial looking stainless steel cylinder. That noisy contraption would produce glistening mounds of ground-up ice. Not silky, fluffy shaved ice, but tiny crunchy ice pellets. She would expertly form the domes with her bare hands and generously poured brightly colored flavoring over the majestic tops. My flavoring of choice… Egg Custard with marshmallow. My friends and I would take our frozen treats, plop down on the curb and delightfully dig into those the big icy domes, eagerly smashing and stirring until the ice was sufficiently mixed with the flavoring that had settled to the bottom of the cup.

As a kid I loved snowballs. As I matured, fortunately so did my palate. Those refreshing treats I use to enjoy, tasted disappointingly artificial. Like many mothers, I didn't want my family ingesting artificial ingredients. Long ago syrups were made fresh with real ingredients. Since I was already in the habit of making fresh fruit smoothies, I began making syrups with fruit, organic sugar, herbs and spices. The results... love at first bite! We were hooked... and thrilled to enjoy the simple , yet wholesome pleasure of a Baltimore tradition. How cool is that?

I knew I was on to something when my husband and son routinely requested their favorite syrups. Friends took it upon themselves to peek in my fridge to see, and taste what had been conjured up. The feedback was encouraging and unanimous, "You should start a business." Waa-laa! Fresh Bites Snow Domes was born.

Okay, here's an age old question... What's the difference between a snowball (as they're called in Baltimore) and a snow cone? Where you're from, and the texture of the ice... light, fluffy, snowy vs. course and granular. So, in an effort to put that question to rest, I created my own term "Snow Domes."

Fresh Bites Snow Domes syrups are made fresh, by little ol' me, with real fruit, fruit juice, natural sugar or honey, herbs and spices. So, if you've got a hankering for a "REAL-LY good," icy summer treat, you'll love Fresh Bites Snow Domes! Just look for our funky little "snow" white trailer.

Many thanks to my family and friends for their encouragement and support.

Enjoy Hon,

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